Golf Attire

Each Member and his/her Guest(s) must be appropriately dressed in golf attire when using the Golf Facilities. Any member not in-compliance with the following guidelines, as prescribed by the Board of Governors, will be instructed to leave the Golf Facilities.


Male Appropriate: Bermuda length shorts (no more than one scorecard width above the knee, approx.5"), collared shirts/mock neck, and shirts must be tucked inside shorts/slacks. Hats must be worn with rim facing forward.


Male Inappropriate: Cargo shorts, nylon or gym shorts, jogging/warm up pants/suits, T-Shirts, denim of any kind.


Female Appropriate: Bermuda length shorts (no more than one scorecard width above the knee, approx.5"), Capri length slacks, culottes, skirts, shorts, slacks and non-collared shirts.


Female Inappropriate: Cutout T-back tops, cut offs, halter types, running shorts, T-shirts with stenciling, tank and tube tops, tennis length skirts or shorts, jogging/warm up pants/suits, denim of any kind.


In addition, hats are not permitted within the Clubhouse facilities. Golf shoes of any type are not permitted on the second floor. Bathing suits and cover-ups are restricted to the pool area only. 

Clubhouse Attire

It is the responsibility of each member to see that his/her family and guests are aware of and conform to Whitford's dress code. Cut-offs, short shorts, fatigues, tank tops, halter tops (other than tennis attire), and t-shirts with stenciling are not appropriate. Jeans of all types may not be worn anywhere on Club premises, except the Clubhouse lower level areas, and such jeans must be in good taste. Denim skirts, dresses, shirts,and jackets in good taste are permitted. Hats are not permitted in the Clubhouse facilities, Members' Dining Room, Mulligans and Patio; Golf and tennis attire is acceptable. The Board has requested the staff to strictly enforce the dress code. 

Racquets Attire  

Members and Guests must wear formal racquet attire and proper tennis shoes when playing tennis. Appropriate attire is required for platform tennis. Inappropriate attire includes t-shirts, swimwear, cargo or soffe shorts, jeans, and dress or running shoes. Members are responsible for their guests' attire.

Aquatics Attire  

All members and their guests must be dressed in appropriate swimming attire. No cut-off shorts.