Phone: 610-269-2150

Position   Name

General Manager/COO
  Thomas M Czaus   Ext. 103

  Russell Stone   Ext. 102

Assistant Controller
Annie Davis  
  Ext. 101

Sales Director
  Christina Ferriello   Ext. 104
Food & Beverage Director   Mary McCorry   Ext. 121

Assistant Food & Beverage Director
Melissa Paul
  Ext. 121

Executive Chef
  TJ McHugh    Ext. 109
Administrative Assistant   Wendy Andrasko   Ext. 100

Director of Golf Course Maintenance
  Kristopher Givens   Ext. 130

Director of Golf
  Michael Ladden   Ext. 114
Director of Racquets  
Karin Ptaszek-Kochis

  Ext. 134
Assistant Director of Racquets   Sim Heeren   Ext. 134

Aquatics Director

Aquatics Manager
Eric Snook

Cathy Lane
  Ext. 133

Ext. 133